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Based in Denver, Colorado, the law office of Craig L. Truman, P.C., handles a wide range of criminal law matters on behalf of clients throughout the state of Colorado. The firm primarily handles felony criminal investigations and charges but has a comprehensive approach to defending all criminal charges.

If you have been charged with a felony or believe you are under investigation, it is critical to contact a lawyer as early in the process as possible. To contact attorney Craig L. Truman and discuss your case in confidence, call the firm’s Denver law office at 303-595-8008.

A Comprehensive Approach

When handling a felony criminal matter, attorney Craig L. Truman draws upon more than four decades of legal experience to develop a comprehensive plan of attack. Using a team of expert witnesses and professional investigators, Mr. Truman has a thorough and meticulous approach to case management.

“From the start of a case, we assist clients on a broad range of issues, from obtaining a bail bond to setting an investigative and tactical agenda to forming an approach for the minimization of collateral consequences of criminal charges. We use a wide range of psychological and sociological experts in sex assault cases. We have access to a network of pathology and psychiatry experts who aid in the management of homicide cases.

We also have a network of investigators, from retired police officers to former investigative journalists, who can assist in the investigation of facts critical to a client’s case. If we feel that it is in your best interests to reach a plea agreement, we are familiar with the negotiation process and will work with the district attorneys to find an acceptable solution without trial.

If trial is in the best interests of the client, we have vast experience in trials of criminal cases with the emphasis on homicide and sexual assault charges.” Attorney Craig L. Truman

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If you are facing serious criminal charges such as homicide, sexual assault, manslaughter or other felonies, or if you are under investigation for a crime, contact attorney Craig L. Truman by calling 303-595-8008.