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Ramifications Of A Sexual Assault Conviction

If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault on a child, sexual assault while in a position of trust, possession of child pornography or any other sex offense, you are facing severe criminal penalties with life-changing results if you are convicted. In addition to the possibility of prison and long-term probation, people charged with a sexual assault are often subject to a host of collateral consequences, including court-ordered removal from their home, no-contact orders and the social stigma of lifelong registration as a sex offender.

At the law office of Craig L. Truman, P.C., people facing serious criminal charges receive quality legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Craig L. Truman has represented clients throughout the state of Colorado against sexual assault and other serious criminal charges for more than 45 years.

A Comprehensive Approach

To seek justice on behalf of each client, Mr. Truman and his dedicated legal team enlist the services of proven psychological, medical, psychiatric, investigative and sociological experts. To assist in the investigation of criminal cases, the firm works with professional investigators including retired police officers and former investigative reporters.

Accusations Against You Are Serious, Call Now

When accepting a case, regardless of whether the case involves allegations of sexual assault, homicide or other serious felony charges, Mr. Truman dedicates himself to vigorously pursuing justice for each client. If you have been charged with or are facing allegations of sexual assault, you should contact an attorney immediately. To contact Mr. Truman at his Denver law office, call 303-595-8008.